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Ilyes started his career as a photographer while attending the Open College of the Arts in BARNSLEY, UK. As he embarked in this career, Ilyes would meet and work with well known local photographers, stylist, and designers that helped influence his style.

Since graduating from OCA UK, Ilyes became a photographer working with corporate clients, models, schools, conferences, groups, families at private events and Big Images Agencies such as: Corbis, Gettyimages and Alamy.

At present, I am an Executive Media Producer & Pro Photographer who has over six years experience in the media field working with magazines, TV Channels, online sites & news agencies, as well as photography for various marketing materials. I have worked in both industries of periodical and marketing, and though I have enjoyed the experience and growth acquired there.

As many artists, I have a passionate ideal for my own art; but I am of a unique sort that can keep my own directives of photographic art separate from the aims of my profession. This said, I am willing to bring as much or as little of my creative spirit to the image you choose for your company-as I am passionate about all Photography & Media . I had also more than one experience working in war-zones as a reporter & photographer. I am also dedicated, a perfectionist, and have a quick turnaround-with minimal supplies and direction.

Phone: +216.50127944

Email: contact[at]ilyessasi[dot]com

Website: www.ilyessasi.com

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Ilyes is a proud member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) & NPPA (National Press Photographers Association)